Welcome to the new ConnectWithShiva Website!


As promised, I am converting this website into a knowledge base.

In the coming weeks, this blog and website will be populated with close to 100 articles, videos, and mini courses that will help you grow your awareness and knowledge in trading, investments, and business with the hope that it fuels the rapid achievement of your financial and lifestyle goals.

I now have a team of three that will be working with me in conducting deep research into my methods and formulating simple to understand articles that will outline methodologies that you can apply to your lives straight away. This will cover everything from trading currencies to ways of analysing stocks, commodities, to managed funds, and even business knowledge and strategies.

In addition, we have begun conducting due diligence on a number of forex brokers and platforms around the world. We will display our results in the ‘broker due diligence’ section.

The economic fundamental series, and the breakdown of the major global economies is being formulated into mini courses and will be released in the coming months.

All of the spiritual knowledge will be released on a separate website / blog, the ‘ministry of spirit’. This will be released in the coming weeks. With the launch of this site, we will release a full explanation of use on the new wealth file and technology, along with 27 other programs that will help you manifest specifics in life.

And finally, I do still maintain plans for a trade copier, however, when this happens depends on when I am ready to dedicate my time running a copier. Whenever that happens to be, you’ll hear it first right here on this blog.

Stay blessed!